A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune
On your own, please complete the Bulimia Post-Test in addition to the following assignment.


With the knowledge you have just attained about eating disorders, put it to use.

Assume the role of a journalist for a new website which informs teenagers about eating disorders.

Find three scholarly articles or three websites about another eating disorder.

Please use one of these three databases:


Using the information you gathered from your research, create a website that can be used as a web resource for the eating disorder you chose.

Be sure to include the following pieces of information on your website:

  • Definition of the disorder
  • Causes of the disorder
  • Warning signs an individual exhibits
  • How prevalent the disorder is
  • Treatment options
  • Any famous examples of people who suffered from this disorder
In addition to this information, include any multimedia relevant to your topic.

For example, if you know of a poem, song, or video that relates to this topic, include it in your website with an explanation of its relevance.

Similarly, include any websites you find during your research as additional information for your viewers in a separate page.

You are encouraged to work as a group on this assignment, but groups should not exceed three members.

Here is a link to rubric we will be using to grade this assignment.